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Pass It Around! Rounds from the Soul of a World   First Line Index
A poor and carefree stranger, 93
Abendstille überall, nur am Bach, 92
Adieu, sweet Amaryllis, for since, 42
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, 108
All of us are chosen people, 133
All praise to thee my God this, 108
All that is lost is found, everything in, 142
All the world is now one marketplace, 48
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, 51
America’s marketplace takes up, 115
As long as I am alive, as long as I, 124
Autumn time, red leaves fall, 119
By the waters, the waters of Babylon, 59
Canst thou love, and lie alone?, 38
Cantate vitae, cantate vitae, 137
Célébrons sans cesse la vie ces bontés, 31
Circle round for freedom, circle,154
Come follow, follow, follow, follow, 27
Come hither Tom and make up, 114
Come pretty maidens, what will you, 116
Come, come whoever you are, 140
Cursed be the wretch who’s bought, 111
Da pacem Domine, da pacem, 109
Da pacem Domine. Da pacem, 29
Deep down in the belly of the night, 132
Devojce, Devojce, crveno jabolce, 73
Die Blumen und das Laub die fallen, 92
Dodi li, va’ani lo haroeh bashoshanim, 69
Dona nobis pacem, (Mozart), 46
Dona nobis pacem (Schickele), 144
Dona nobis pacem (Unknown), 28
Dream back the bison, sing back the, 123
Drove through a suburb of New, 136
Dum de Dum de Dum, 162
Ehdumbai, ehdumbai ehyeladom, 153
Emitte lucem tuam et veritatem ipsa, 34
Em kam lavla, em kam lavla, Ando Niši, 77
Every night the search light burns, 113
For the beauty of the earth, sing oh, 157
From twenty to thirty, good night and, 98
Gender is like astroturf: artificial, 99
God bless the food that sustains our, 110
God danced the day you were born, 151
Guide me through the darkness, 152
Hashivinu, hashivinu, Yah elaich, 62
Hashmi’ini et kolech, ki kolech arev, 55
Hava nashirah shir halleluiah, 59
Herr Bleibe bei uns, denn es, 94
Hey, ho, to the greenwood, now let, 27
Hine mah tov umanaim shevet kulam, 55
Hodu lasultan yit halal ki hu, 64
Holding on, for dear life we’re, 147
I am a song sung by the voice of God, 143
I am love, I am love, please do not, 163
I can not sing this catch, I shall laugh, 50
I gave her cakes and I gave her ale, 40
I have a million nightingales on the, 56
I have house and land in Kent, and if, 36
I set my foot on the Gospel ship, 144
Ich armes welsches Teufli bin, 93
Ich will die Musik loben alle Zeit, 91
If I were a tailor, I’d sew you a, 98

If our song were the promised land, 97
Ilu finu male shirah kayam, 57
In April a peach is but a hope, 111
In May, that lusty season, 25
In our days, money is the praise, 46
In summertime, our Ma took us, 70
In the dark lying side by side, 128
In the summer night, Scorpio, 134
In te Domine speravi non, 97
Is capitalism consummately perverse?, 107
It is folly to be jolly when you, 28
Jai ma, Kali Durgema, jai Kalima, 150
Jubilate vitae, jubilate vitae, 26
Julia jump, jumps (ba dum dum), 130
Ki hem chayenu v’orech yamenu, 58
Kwaheri, kwaheri, mpenzi, 84
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, 63
Laudate nomen Domini, Laudate, 33
Let all our hearts open wide, 156
Let the wind blow songs of praise, 163
Let us have songs to fill our mouths, 57
Let us sing for our many mothers, 119
Life so hastily goes, it’s brief as the, 118
Lo yisa goy el goy cherev, lo, 60
Lo yisa goy, goy el goy cherev, 61
Love, love sweet love, for evermore, 35
Makedonsko devojce kitka sarena, 78
Magnificat, magnificat anima mea, 99
Mah tovu ohalecha Ya’akov, 60
Mangwonim phulele ginewake, 85
Martine woy, woy, woy, Martine, 131
May I be an instrument of peace, 113
May I learn to write my hurts in, 152
Miserere nostri Domine, a parking, 98
Miserere nostri Domine, secundum, 98
Musing, musing, musing mine, 33
My friend Sharon saved an armadillo, 159
My Lord He said unto me, Do you, 160
My mother’s arms carried me to, 162
Nero’s expedition up the Nile failed, 139
Never let a man take heavily the, 112
Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed, 30
Now Robin lend to me thy bow, 32
Now we are met let mirth abound, 52
Nowhere in the world are people, 112
Nyairo, Nyairo, Nyairo, Nyairo, 88
O bruit doux de la pluie, par terre, 51
O Lord, in thee is all my trust, 111
O que c’est chose belle de te louer, 26
O luci, luci serene chiare, serene, 137
O Thou, the sustainer of our, 138
Oken leaves in the merry wood, 35
Oh, if I had wings, just like Noah’s, 145
Oh Mother, oh Mother, help us to, 148
Oh, the dishes, the dirty dishes, 155
Once in our lives let us drink to our, 110
One night, don’t go to sleep, 140
One of us can make a difference, 146
Our friend Alice was born with a, 108
Our sister Gail used to be a male, 104
Our voyage to peace has been marooned, 45
Pietas omnium virtutem, parens , 97

Pitchu li shaare tzedek avo vam, 65
Quicqid petieritis patrem in, 99
Ring the bells of solstice, 158
Sa sa kro ma nee nay wo chay, 83
Sadi moma bela loza vinena, 75
Same old, same old, same old, 129
“Shall I drool or shall I drown,” 111
She weepeth sore in the night, 110
Signor Abbate, Io sono, Io sono, 47
Sim shalom tova u’vracha, sim, 57
Simply trust, don’t the leaves, 129
Sing after fellows, as you heare, 100
Siya hamb’ ekukhanyeni, 86
Slept on a bed of old cardboard, 136
Što mi e milo, milo i drago, 74
Take me back, oh hills I love, 120
Thank you, thank you for these, 142
That kinda woman makes the, 134
The dark of the moon is the, 133
The earth is our dear home, 94
The moon is thirsty. The moon is, 132
The ocean refuses no river, 141
The quality of mercy is not strained, 126
The silver swan, who living had, 29
This old world is full of sorrow, 153
Though my soul may set in, 45
Thus, Descartes proved his, 97
Tina singu leluvutaio. Watsha, 83
Two is an integer too small to, 109
Universa transeunt, universa, 34
Verbum Domine manet, 107
Vertigo struck us at the pass, 70
Vido, Vido, bjala Vido! majka, 76
Viva, viva la musica! Viva, viva, 26
We do not care if we go to jail, 112
We love our eccentricity, don’t, 49
We want a presidential race in, 108
Welcome, welcome every, 120
Well, if I could I surely would, 145
What are you afraid of? What, 143
What has no wings, though its, 99
When Jesus wept the falling, 112
When there is no road, I look, 131
Where is the moon when the, 135
Who rules the world? To, 117
Wisdom is a point of view that, 110
Ya Jamil, Ya Jamil, Ya Jamil, 139
Yemaya o ago ako yo Yemaya, 88